Early Year Drought

With the holidays wrapped up, meme farmers have returned to tend to their fields and plant the new year with fresh crops. Usually, a steady production of fresh images make for some cheap and reliable GBP. Both resident and visitors alike head to the frontpage expecting a new wave of content to consume. To their dismay, recycled content and reposts fill the me_irl market. Simple and forced sub-memes, low-effort karma grabs, and dusty reposts are clear markers of a meme drought.

Trekking through this barren wasteland, users will find a forced meme trend created by /u/KindOfKuballe recycling the highly volatile singing competition format from Meme of 2016. While not the worst format, it signifies the problem facing the new meme crops. A lack of original content from farmers has forced distributors to push lesser known sub-memes and reposts of post-collapse trends. The image failed to garner any truly genuine support. Dusty memes like Bionicle's presence on the frontpage show stagnation as distributors and farmers lose confidence in original content.

Other major markets are outpacing MeIrl's original content by a significant margin. Dankmemes have arrived in New Year blazing it up, with their "Meme of the Year" contest becoming a huge success. Its winner We Are Number One successfully weathered normie floods and conitnued the impressive consistency of Lazy Town. The Gordon Ramsay sub-meme Lamb Sauce is an emerging contender in the economy with sifnificant distribution coming from Dankmemes. Clearly the drought trend is localized to MeIrl, which has been so desperate as to begin acquiring Lamb Sauce shares by shaken farmers. Consumers have been surviving on Bamboozled and 10k Upvotes, two trends tied to the aftermath of /u/Lordtuts betrayal of trust in December. A fake Wendy's Twitter ad sat at the top of the market using the 10k Upvote format got a top post on Friday, an unprecedented move by the consumers in a pre-Bamboozled market. Bee Movie, Social Anxiety, and even 4chan reposts liter the frontpage. All other content is various reposts lacking the originality and trend rotation that brough Me_Irl to its powerhouse status.

It is early into the year, and Me_IRL is still rebuilding. Take advantage of the weak market by investing in low IPO offers as farmers regain confidence and look to make easy GBP with little original competition. 10k Upvote and Bamboozled investors should be ready to sell at any moment as the market moves back to its roots.

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