The January Effect

Buy low, sell high: The mantra of every meme economist. Afer all, whate else is the goal of a meme market investor? Here at Meme Insider, it's our priority to let traders in on the secrets of the meme market- and these seasonal trends are a perfect opportunity to pick up at low point and get rid of at high points. let's take a look at some financial market trends and then apply those to the meme market. Research shows that the January effect affects small caps more than large caps. The same must be true for the meme market. The perfect emerging market to look for each January? Wholesome memes.

Consistently cheap, incredibly versatile wholesome memes can be applied to each growing meme trend. Whivhever memes are popular in January, you can expect wholesome parodies to pop up all over the place. Because of this versatility that isn't seen with most memes, especially small-cap, you can expect that this January effect will continue to show up year after year. It is easy to see why wholesome memes are so popular right after the holiday season. There are two main reasons. First, there is a subgroup of infrequent internet users who only browse memes during the holiday season. This could be mostly older people curious about the internet culture of their younger family members Not understanding the internet subculturea ssociated with and required to understand "edgy" memes or those dealing with suicide and depression, they turn to wholesome memes. Some memers consider these memes ironic, byut many view them as an extension of meme trends that appeal to thos elooking for uplifitng content. In the period of time following the holiday season, it makes sense that this content would be in high demand.

People who are feeling depressed or dissatisfied want a break from the internet's tendency towards negativity. Those feeing good about themselves after seeing friends and familiy look for content that reaffirms those thoughts. Wholesome memes are the perfect small market to invest in before the yearly spike in January.

What goes up must come down, and the meme market is no exception. Wholesome meme stocks take a massive plummet approaching Valentine's day, when people tend to feel self-loathing and depression. Edgy meme stocks skyrocket as wholesome stocks decline. however these edgy memes are the ones that took a drop in value beacuse of the January effect. Investing in edgy memes before January will be disastrous, because these stocks go down when wholesome memes go up.

The takeaway? Wholesome memes peak in January and take a steep decline throughout early February. Edgy meme stocks rise and peak in late February, with both stocks settling down and normalizing in early March.

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