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Join Our Team

Want to join this winning team? We are looking for devoted, talented creators to join our team! We have positions open for Writers, Designers, and Illustrators. Please feel free to apply even if your background is unconventional.

As a Meme Insider staff member, you should be comfortable with the content produced under Meme Insider being edited and used freely.

Writing Positions

The true content of Meme Insider. Our core writers are expected to be an "insider expert" of several aspects of web culture, whether that be, for example, a deep understanding of a platform such as Instagram or Twitter, or a strong working knowledge of internet history. If this sounds like you, then we would strongly encourage you to apply to become one of our expert core writers.

Core Writers for the magazine are paid a flat rate per article published.

Design Team Positions

A lot of the magic of Meme Insider comes from our incredible design team. You can apply for either our core design team, or our illustration team to create artwork each month for us to use in the magazine, posters, stickers, or other venues.

Designers are paid a flat rate per article layout produced.

Illustrators are paid a flat rate per illustrated article.